How to take care of hands and feet?

Care of hands and nails

Péče o ruce a nohy

It has been told that hands reveal a lot about us. They reflect our age, health but also care of ourselves. Most of people notice your hands and nails at first sight. Therefore we should always keep our hands and nails clean and neat.

We provide here a few tips how to reach beautiful and healthy hands and nails.

Cutting and shaping of fingernails

Fingernails should be cut only if they are too long. Otherwise, you can shorten your nails with the aid of a glass nail file which treats them very gently. It is important to keep the correct direction of filing. File your nails from the outside towards the centre, do not go back and forth because this way you could cause chipping and splitting of fingernails. Do not use sapphire or paper files that file too rough and damage your nails. You should use a chemically etched glass nails file that has regularly formed grinding elements. Thanks to this your fingernails will be perfectly smooth after the treatment.

Do not cut the cuticle

Do not cut the cuticle off – you could hurt yourself. The right way is to push it back to the nail bed after shower or bath when the cuticle is soft. For this procedure you should try our glass manicure stick that has the ends adjusted for gentle cuticle treatment.

Pay attention to vitamins

Besides the regular care of your nails you should also pay attention to the sufficient intake of vitamins, especially zinc that is contained in eggs, milk or legumes. The lack of zinc causes white spots on your nails. Vitamin H is also important for your beautiful nails. It prevents nails from chipping and brittleness. It is contained in livers, kidneys, yolks and yeast.


Avoid drying out of hands and nails and keep them hydrated. Place a moisturizing cream for hands wherever you spend time (at home, at work, in the car, etc.) and try to moisturize your hands regularly. Skin on your hands will be soft and smooth.

Massage your nails and cuticles around with a petroleum jelly or a greasy cream. When applying a cream, pamper yourself with a massage of fingertips. This will improve blood circulation in the nail bed and enhance growth of your nails.

Avoid chemicals

Choose only nail polish removers which do not contain acetone or dimethyl ketone and formaldehyde. These substances dry out your nails and cause their weakening and chipping. Pick a mild nail polish remover on base of acetate. While cleaning wear gloves to protect your hands and nails from chemical substances that damage and weaken them.

Nails painting

Péče o ruce a nohy

Firstly, it is very important to free your nails of any greasy residues or dust. Start applying a clear base coat that will form a barrier between your vulnerable fingernail and the colour you are about to put on. The clear base coat also makes your nails stronger. Then apply a drop of colour nail polish on the middle of your nail. Carefully brush a little of the colour towards your cuticles. Leave a tiny space between the polish and your cuticles to optically lengthen a short nail bed. Evenly paint stripes of colour from your nail bed upwards to the tip of your nail. Repeat on both sides until your nail is fully covered. Let it dry really well and if needed add another layer of nail polish. When this layer is completely dry, make sure you apply a top coat to increase the shine and durability of your nail polish.

Care of feet

Péče o ruce a nohy

Feet belong to the most abused and often used parts of the body and that is why they deserve your attention. If you do not have time for professional care, try to pamper your feet with a perfect home pedicure. It does not take more than 30 minutes!

How to do pedicure at home?

  • Remove carefully any residues of nail polish. Let your feet soak in hot water. The bath will soften tough calluses that can be easier removed after. Add a bit of oil or salt and a few rose petals or a sprig of lavender into a tub with hot water. Brush smoothly your toenails and the area around the nail bed.
  • Take off feet from the bath after 10 minutes and wipe them dry with a towel. Do not forget to wipe the area between toes where a lot of bacteria occur. Then remove calluses on heels and other parts of the sole with the aid of pedicure file.
  • When your feet are perfectly smooth, massage them with a moisturizing cream for foot care.
  • Your feet are ready now for toenails care. If nails are too long, cut them with scissors or nail clippers. Do not cut them too short; you should be able to see the white 1 or 2 mm long tip all the way across. When your nails have suitable length, you can file them directly with a glass nail file. We recommend you our DUO file with double roughness that is suitable especially for hard toenails. Someone prefers to use 195 mm long nail files that have a large working area.
  • Shape of the toenail should be slightly squared. Also try filing your nails in one direction only to avoid splitting the layers. Make the edges of nails round to avoid promoting ingrown toenails. You can also file down the ridges and rough edges on the tops of your nails. Do not cut the cuticle around the nail but push it back delicately to the nail bed. For this procedure you can use our glass manicure stick.
  • Finally, you can paint your nails. The colour of the nail polish depends on you. But do not forget to apply a base coat with a clear nail polish. This will prevent your toenails from spots of dark colour nail polish. After the application of colour nail polish add a clear top coat. This will set your polish in place, and help it to last longer without chipping.