Beware of imitations – glass nail files from China

Producers in China often sell glass nail files with glass abrasive elements (glass debris) glued to a glass base. These files are cheap, but their quality is poor and they are not worth the money.

First of all, they get dull quickly as the glue loosens and the grinding elements start to fall off, and secondly, the surface is different, uneven and gritty, so they tear and rip the nail edge.

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Glass files - resistance of abrasive surface

Some Chinese producers have already started to use the acid-etching technology, but their imitations are still not equal to original Czech glass nail files.

To guarantee good quality of the acid-etched abrasive surface, good control and precise regulation during the etching process are crucial. The chemical reaction of concentrated mineral acids is stormy, and the bath boils while the temperature rises very quickly. It is necessary to control the reaction very carefully.

Chinese producers often have problems with keeping quality standards due to their heavy labour force fluctuation, and this is why the quality of their abrasive surface is worse.  Chinese files are typically smoother with poor abrasivity, or there are major differences in roughness between batches.

To lower the price, Chinese producers also usually omit the hardening production step, so Chinese files are more brittle. Unfortunately for customers, there is no visual difference between a hardened and a non-hardened glass file.

Aveniro has been specialising in the production glass nail files since 1998.
In Aveniro production, all the processes and quality control are carried out by qualified staff according to the original patented production technology.

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