Crystal nail files – basic line for manicure

Czech crystal glass nail files by Aveniro ® are the NO.1 for treatment for natural nails.

Sizes and shapes

Manicure crystal glass nail files - overview

Small crystal glass nail files

  • Products S22p and S22r – 90 mm long, 2 mm thick, double-sided
  • Mini size optimised for travel purposes or as a handbag accessory
  • File with both ends rounded (S22r) – higher level of safety suitable for children or travel purposes

Medium crystal glass nail files

  • Products M22p and M22r – 135 mm long, 2 mm thick, double-sided
  • Medium size optimised for ‘at home’ manicure
  • File with both ends rounded (M22r) – higher level of safety convenient for children or on board a plane

Customised products
As a manufacturer, Aveniro can produce customised products

  • Crystal nail files made of 3 mm thick glass
  • Single-sided files (with an abrasive surface on only one side of the file)
  • Files in length of 80 mm and 140 mm, or other lengths
  • Circular and cylindrical files
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What are the benefits of Czech crystal nail files made by Aveniro®?

  • Czech patented technology – unique abrasive surface with very sharp and uniformly distributed abrasive elements
  • Smooth nail edge after filing – crystal glass nail files prevent chipping and splitting of the nails
  • Abrasive surface right on the glass body – the files do not blunt or wear out
  • Glass is an inert, allergen-free and easily recyclable material – crystal glass nail files are eco-friendly and health-safe
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Glass nail file with Swarovski stones
Crystal nail file usage
Crystal nail file usage