Ergofile ® – glass ergonomic nail file

A fabulous file developed in cooperation with nail salons, specialists in ergonomics and designers.

An ergonomic nail file for everybody

  • Two shapes  – ergofile DROP and ergofile BOW
  • 85 mm long, with abrasive U-groove
  • Protective casings available – plastic and velvet sleeves

Sizes and shapes

Ergofiles - drop and bow

What are the benefits of of ergofile®?

  • Protected designEuropean design patent RCD 002403295 
  • Unique U-profile – an ergonomically shaped abrasive groove makes filing easy and fast
  • Gentle but effective – chemically etched abrasive microstructure ensures gentle but effective treatment of your nails; prevents nail chipping
  • Ergonomic shape – the large gripping area provides comfortable holding and fast and safe manipulation.
Ergofile U-groove detail
Microstructure of ergofile
Ergofile usage
Coloured ergofiles
Ergofiles in cases
Ergofile usage