Glass professional nail files

Nail files with a large abrasive area – for fast and effective professional treatment.

Sizes and shapes

Large professional nail file

Product L32r

  • 195 mm long, 3 mm thick, 18 mm wide, double-sided
  • Standard roughness
  • Extensive working area – great for professional manicurist

Why are Czech glass professional nail files popular?


  • Abrasive surface created by the Czech patented technology of acid etching
  • Sharp and uniformly distributed grinding elements – no tearing of the nail edge
  • Long-term use prevents nail chipping
  • Eco-friendly products – designed for long-term use, easy to recycle
  • Health-safe products – no harmful substances or allergens
See the HEALTH SAFETY CERTIFICATE How do glass nail files work on your nails?
Professional nail file usage
Professional nail files
Professional nail files
Coloured professional nail files