Optical effect in phosphorescent colours

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<p>Colour decoration with optical effect belongs to popular ways of <a href=glass nail file decoration. The colours are applied on the file by a special technique that creates interesting colourful zones which change their shades depending on light refraction. Their attractive design is pointed out by metallic effect. Due to that the glass nail file looks original and elegant.

This decoration is available in various colours. But the absolute novelty is the optical effect in phosphorescent colours.

New elegant and practical cases


We are introducing an elegant hard case for glass nail file – safebox which will surely attract exacting clients as well. Together with our glass nail file it can serve as a beautiful and original gift that will please everybody.Thanks to the large surface the case is very suitable for promo purposes, e.g. for logo printing.

Safebox is light but solid and practical. Your glass nail file will be maximally protected against damages. Moreover it is easy to open and close, hygienic and easy to be maintained.

You will also love safebox for its simple and functional design. It looks originally and discreetly and its silver colour imitating metal will be appreciated by women but also by men.

Printed wood casings introduced


We proudly introduce our unique and still more popular wood cases newly with printed decorations. The standard offer consists of six motifs: hearts, night sky, flowers, waves, snowfall and butterflies. Customers can certainly bring their ideas and come with own decorations. We are also prepared to adjust any design in order to deliver a tailor-made one just for you.

This kind of decoration makes glass nail files interesting commercial articles as well as effective promotional tools. Especially companies will appreciate the possibility of presenting individual logos. Let your products become peerless.

New colours of velvet sleeves introduced


With regard to huge demand for coloured casings we would like to introduce three new attractive colours of velvet sleeves – pink, red and light green. Sleeves are made of a high quality flocked PVC foil. They are resistant, easy to clean and absolutely irresistible. Especially impressive are glass nail files decorated with stones and pastel colours put into one of our velvet sleeves. Combination of decorated glass nail files and velvet sleeves represents charming products fascinating every customer.

Last but not least we would like to highlight great prices of velvet sleeves we managed to negotiate.