Pedicure crystal glass nail files

Pedicure nail files

For treatment of toenails you can use types of nail files mentioned in the part Manicure nail files. We have also developed new glass foot files (foot scrapers) for removing calloused skin on heels and other parts of the sole. The foot file is gentle and safe. In comparison with other pedicure tools you take no risks of injuries while using our foot files. Skin does not tear after its usage but becomes soft and tempting to touch. Moreover our glass rasp is produced in DUO variant, i.e. with two different roughnesses on one file. The coarser side removes fast and effectively calloused skin and the smoother side serves to neatening of skin.

Two types of glass rasps are available in our range – a big foot scraper for common use and a small foot scraper convenient especially for travelling.

Why our glass foot file?

Double roughness

Our foot files are produced with double roughness. The coarser side is meant to remove calloused skin and the other smoother side serves to gentle neatening and final smoothening.

Excellent resistance

Foot file is made from 6 mm thick glass that ensures excellent resistance of the file.

Pedicure nail files

Unlimited lifespan

Grinding surface of pedicure files has thanks to our production technology virtually unlimited lifespan as well as our other types of glass nail files.

Easy maintenance

Glass foot scrapers can be washed under a water stream, with a brush and a detergent, eventually in a dish washer.

Wide range of decorations and pouches

Foot scrapers can be either clear or decorated upon customer’s request. We can offer plastic or velvet pouches as casings.

Two sizes

Pedicure nail files

We developed two different sizes of glass rasps for you. Our standard pedicure file of 165 mm (XL62r) is suitable for common home usage. On your trips you will surely appreciate the smaller variant of 135 mm (L62r).