What are the benefits of Czech glass nail files?

Doing your nails?    Use a glass nail file!


Pros and cons of a glass nail file

Glass files are gentle to your nails
The patented acid-etching technology creates an abrasive surface with unique properties – abrasive elements are sharp, uniform and evenly distributed on the surface. Filing seals the nail edge, making the nails are super smooth after treatment.

Acid-etched Aveniro glass file

See how glass files act on your nails
Glass files - resistance of abrasive surface

Czech glass files do not blunt and wear out
The grinding surface of ordinary paper or metal files consists of grinding grains attached to a base. The grains tend to fall off after some time; the file gets blunt and needs to be replaced. The grinding surface of Czech glass nail files is created right on the file body with chemicals acting on the glass surface. This makes their lifespan virtually unlimited.

Glass files can be washed and sanitised
Glass is a non-porous material, which means that glass files do not absorb water; this does not allow germs to multiply. Moreover, glass files can be sanitised by heat, UV light, in alcohol or with antiseptic sprays. They withstand aggressive sterilisation conditions without any negative impact on their abrasive ability.

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Health-safe and eco-friendly
Glass files are from common flat glass that does not contain any dangerous, deleterious or allergenic components. In relation to the environment, glass is an inert and easily recyclable material

Glass files - quality control

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However, glass files can break
No glass is unbreakable, so glass files can occasionally break, but not so easily.  All files from Aveniro production go through a hardening process that significantly increases their mechanical resistance – by over 100 % in comparison with non-hardened files.