Wholesale and retail of crystal glass nail files

For merchants

Crystal glass nail files are multifunctional. They are recommended for treatment of natural and artificial nails and they are suitable for both home and professional usage in nail and cosmetic salons. Czech crystal glass nail files with logo can serve as an innovative promotional article and giveaway. They also became a popular souvenir in tourist destinations. Decorated glass nail files will please you as an unusual gift. They can be decorated with a number of different techniques (decorations with Swarovski crystals, hand-painted nebo hand-engraved motifs, full-colour photo-printing, laser, and metal decorations), which turn the glass nail file into a luxury item to comfort even the most demanding customers. Glass nail files are successfully used also as components in manicure sets.

Companies dealing with health and beauty products

Does your company carry an assortment of health and beauty products? Czech crystal glass nail files will nicely complement your product portfolio.

Glass nail files are a front-end product; treatment with glass nail files is gentle and of good quality, yet fast and effective at the same time. The nail edge remains very smooth after filing. By long term usage of glass nail files the problems with nail splitting and chipping are significantly reduced.

Your customers will purchase glass nail files repeatedly not only for themselves, but also for their relatives, friends and acquaintances.

Nail boutiques, cosmetic studios, beauty parlours and wellness centres

For merchants

Do you need a professional instrument for manicure and pedicure? Crystal glass nail files will meet your needs.

Glass nail files’ treatment of both nails and callous skin is of high-quality, moreover glass nail files do not wear out and blunt. Glass nail files can be sterilized by all known means, without any undesirable change of their properties. Therefore glass nail files can be used repeatedly, without the risk of transfer of infections among the customers. Crystal nail files are suitable for both manicure and pedicure, for treatment of both natural and artificial nails (during treatment of artificial nails it is recommended to keep the file soppy by dipping the file in water frequently).

Your customers will regard the glass nail files highly and recommend your company to others. At the same time you can sell Czech crystal glass nail files to your customers as a supplementary product line.

Advertising agencies, promotional items and corporate giveaways

Are you looking for an innovative promotional item, where the client’s logo will be to the fore? Crystal glass nail files are the right choice. Glass nail files are of practical usage value. Your clients and partners, who receive a glass nail file as a promo gift, will use it frequently; thereby the target logo will be kept present in their minds. Glass nail files are also of affordable price, which enables to distribute them to a large spectrum of users who need to be addressed.

Due to practicality and low price crystal glass nail files have become widely used and very popular promotional articles.


For merchants

Would you like to help your clients to tackle problems of nail chipping and splitting and problems of sore callous skin on feet? Include glass nail files into your product assortment.

A pharmacy is for your customers a place, where you can give advice and help them with their health problems. Many people suffer from callous skin and nail disorders and glass nail files can facilitate their problem. By long term usage of glass nail files problems with nail splitting and chipping and problems with callous skin are eliminated or at least significantly reduced.

Crystal glass nail files are convenient not only as a supplementary range of health and beauty products, but also due to affordable price as gifts for the customers, e.g. as a thank-you for a bigger purchase.

Hotels and spas

Do you think that perfect service finalized in all details decides about the satisfaction of you clients and about their returns to your hotel or spa? Glass nail file can be just such an important detail.

Glass nail files will remind your clients about their stay in your hotel or spa for a long time and frequently, because they are a practical gift, which will be used often. They are suitable not only as giveaways for the clients being a part of the hotel toiletries, but also as nice souvenirs that can be bought in your hotel or spa gift shop.


For merchants

Would you like to grant an extra to your customers? To a luxury perfume add a luxury glass nail file.

Shopping in a perfumery means something special for most women; something beyond the everyday routine. Perfume is a touch of luxury and shopping for a perfume is an unusual experience. This enjoyment can be made flawless through a little freebie in the form of a glass nail file decorated with one of the pretentious decoration techniques (e.g. decoration with Swarovski crystals, hand-paintings, hand-engravings or decoration with metal), which turn a glass nail file into an exclusive gift.

Each of your women customers will share her pleasant experience with her friends and acquaintances. Through the positive word-of mouth you will win new customers.

Souvenir and gift shops

Are you seeking for your shop gifts and souvenirs that will address a wide range of different customer groups? Czech crystal glass nail files will become an important item in your product list.

Visits to foreign countries and distant locations, holidays – these are the moments we want to keep in mind in order to draw energy out of them during the ordinary days. That is why we bring souvenirs from our travels - little reminders of these precious moments.

Especially glass nail files decorated with full-colour photo-printing are very popular as souvenirs because by this technique it is possible to apply onto a glass nail file any image or photo. This way a souvenir becomes an authentic reminder of a nice place or event your customers want to remember. Glass nail files are also of affordable price and of practical usage, thus they attract almost everyone.

Jewellery shops and shops with gift items

For merchants

Would you like to offer to your customers the items that will both please and serve for practical application? Czech crystal glass nail files should not be missing in your shop.

Through gifts we tell our near and dear we care about them. It is irrelevant whether the present is big or small. What is important is that the gifted is captivated and pleased. That is why our offer includes glass nail files decorated with various techniques, from simple ones to luxurious ones, from traditional ones to modern ones, so that every customer can find such a product that will correspond with his taste. Popular gifts are especially glass nail files decorated with the more exclusive techniques (hand-paintings, hand-engravings, decoration with Bohemian or Swarovski crystal stones a metal decorations), where every single file produced is an original.

Due to their unique features, outstanding grinding abilities and due to the wide range of decorations glass nail files are gifts that your customers will purchase repeatedly and recommend them to their friends as well.