Aveniro – Czech glass nail and foot files

Aveniro is a manufacturer and wholesale supplier of Czech glass nail files and foot files focusing on bulk supply, wholesale and export. Our production facilities are all located in the Czech Republic; we solely use the original patented Czech production technology of acid etching.

Glass files – WHOLESALE only

Aveniro deals with wholesale only, with a minimum order quantity of 100 pcs. Our mission is to deliver glass nail files of high quality, craftsmanship and beauty to our wholesale partners.

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Standard glass nail files

Basic line – standard single roughness

Small glass nail file – 90 mm long

Small glass nail files

Medium glass nail file – 135 mm long

Medium glass nail files

DUO nail files – dual roughness

Small DUO glass file – 90 mm long

DUO fingernail file small

Medium DUO glass file – 135 mm long

DUO fingernail file medium

Professional nail files – standard single roughness

Large glass file – 195 mm long

Professional nail file

glass files

Shine & File Combo

Combined nail shiner and nail file – 89 mm long

Glass nail shiner Shine&File Combo

Glass manicure stick

Manicure stick with 2 working areas

Glass manicure stick

Ergofile – European design patent RCD 002403295

Ergofile DROP with abrasive U-groove – 85 mm long

Ergonomic nail file - drop

Ergofile BOW with abrasive U-groove – 85 mm long

Ergonomic nail file - bow

Standard glass foot files

Basic foot files – standard single roughness

Large foot file – 195 mm long, 4 mm thick

Large glass foot file

DUO foot scrapers – dual roughness

Small foot scraper – 135 mm long, 6 mm thick

Small foot scraper

Large foot scraper – 165 mm long, 6 mm thick

Large foot scraper

DUO callus remover – dual roughness

Full area callus remover – 110 mm long, 8 mm thick

Glass callus remover

Hanging files with hole and string

Available for L62r, XL62r and F82

Hanging glass foot scraper