DUO glass callus remover

Callus remover with dual roughness and a large abrasive area – for perfectly smooth heels.

Sizes and shapes

Callus remover

2 in 1 glass callus file – with two different grits

  • Product F82 – 110 mm long, 8 mm thick, double-sided
  • Dual roughness, each side with a different grit
  • Full-area file, no handle

Protective pouches

  • Fancy plastic pouches in bright spring colours: yellow, pink, green

Hanging callus remover

  • Hanging version with hole and string available
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Hanging glass callus remover

What are the advantages of the glass callus remover by Aveniro ®?

  • Dual roughness, each side with a different grit
    • Coarser side – highly abrasive, for fast removal of calluses
    • Smoother side – for final softening of the skin
  • Full-area file – extensive abrasive workspace
  • Ultimate resistance – thanks to its 8 mm thickness
  • Comfortable to hold – fits nicely in the hand

Dual roughness provides fast and effective treatment. When used regularly, you will get baby-like skin.

The glass makes the callus files health-safe and eco-friendly.

Callus removers in coloured cases
Callus remover
Glass callus removers
Callus remover usage