Glass foot files – basic line

Glass foot rasps for delicate and careful pedicure treatment.

Sizes and shapes

Large glass foot file

Basic glass foot rasps – for a gentle pedicure

  • Product L42r – 195 mm long, 4 mm thick, 22 mm wide, double-sided
  • Basic standard roughness only
  • The gentlest foot care tool in the Aveniro ® range – suitable for treatment of diabetic skin

What are the advantages of Czech glass foot files?


  • Original patented Czech production technology of acid etching
  • Grinding surface that is gentle to the skin – due to uniformly distributed grinding elements
  • Grinding surface created right out of the glass body – the files do not wear out
  • Made of glass, designed for repeated use – eco-friendly and health-safe files
See the HEALTH SAFETY CERTIFICATE See a COMPARISON of acid etched files with other files
Coloured glass foot files
Glass foot files
Glass foot file usage
Coloured glass foot files