Glass nail shiner – Shine&File Combo

2 in 1 tool to file the nail edge and polish the nail plate.

Sizes and shapes

Shine&File Combo

  • 89 mm long, 3 mm thick, with 2 different surfaces
  • Abrasive surface – to file and shape the nail
  • Polishing surface with a metal layer – to shine the nail plate
  • With a rounded tip end (product SF32r) or pointed end (product SF32p)

Protective cases available

  • Highly protective safety cases made of hard plastic
  • Soft sleeves made of plastic or velvet

Is Shine&File Combo a nano glass nail file?

The correct answer is ‘no’, but this is also true of all similar products available on the market.

A nanotextured surface is a surface that is covered with nano-sized structures; these structures have one dimension on the nanoscale, i.e. between 0.1 and 100 nm (for more details, refer to

There are many similar products on the market that are referred to as ‘nano glass nail shiner’ or ‘nano glass nail file’. However, none of these products are real ‘nano’ products. The term ‘nano’ is used purely for marketing reasons. The polishing surfaces of these glass nail shiners and buffers are produced by a technology used for production of semi-conductors and the resulting structures have micro dimensions (not nano dimensions).

Why the nail shiner Shine&File Combo by Aveniro® ?

  • Czech patented technology – abrasive surface chemically engraved in the glass body

  • A product that does not wear out designed for repeated long-term usage

  • 2 in 1 tool – multiple surfaces = multiple functions

Shine & File Combo - polishing side
Polishing side

Metal layer with an elaborate pattern to achieve ultimate shine of your nail plate

Shine & File Combo - abrasive side
Abrasive side

For delicate but highly efficient filing of the nail edge

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Nails after and before treatment with glass nail shiner
Glass nail shiner - metal layer
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