Promotional glass nail files with logo

Glass nail files customised with your logo. Graphical layouts are provided free of charge.

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Glass nail files with printed logo

  • Printed logo – the most cost-effective way to create your promotional item
  • Silk-screen printing or pad-printing
  • Your logo can be highlighted with a coloured file handle
  • Your logo can be embellished with Swarovski crystal stones
Promotional glass nail files - printed logo

Glass nail files with 3D sticker

  • Logo on 3D sticker – specialty for demanding customers
  • Full colour print covered with a thick layer of clear resin
  • The 3D sticker makes the file handle plastic, allowing it to fit nicely in the hand
Promotional glass nail files - logo on 3D sticker

Logo applied by photo printing

  • Photo printed logo – when you want to combine your logo with an image
  • Full colour print, usually with a white / light background
Promotional glass nail files - photo printed logo

Logo applied by sandblasting

  • Sandblasted logo – logo with an unlimited lifetime engraved into the surface
  • Withstands aggressive conditions like sterilisation without deterioration
  • We recommend packing them in contrasting dark cases
Promotional glass files with sandblasted logo