Glass manicure stick

Glass manicure stick by Aveniro ® – a multifunctional tool for nail and cuticle treatment.

Sizes and shapes

Manicure stick
Manicure stick - description

Manicure stick with 2 working areas

  • Product ms00 – 115 mm long, 7 mm diameter
  • 2 working areas – for pushing back the cuticles and for removing dirt
  • Protective cases available – transparent tube or plastic sleeve

1.  Smooth flat end

2. Grinding part

3. Grinding tip

4. Mini rounding 

Why choose the glass manicure stick and cuticle pusher made by Aveniro® ?

  • Inert, allergen-free and easily recyclable material – glass cuticle pushers are health-safe and eco-friendly

  • Czech patented technology – uniform abrasive elements that do not tear the nail

  • Chemically etched abrasive surface that does not blunt

  • Elaborate design – multiple functions
Manicure stick - pointed end
Pointed end
Manicure stick - bevelled end
Bevelled end

Pointed end
– For removing hardened dirt from under the nail
– With mini rounding to prevent injury

Bevelled end
– For pushing back or removing the cuticles around the finger nail
– With a smooth flat end to avoid scratching the nail

See how the UNIQUE ABRASIVE SURFACE acts on your nails
Manicure stick usage
Manicure stick
Manicures sticks in cases
Manicure stick usage