How to use a glass nail file

Glass files are easy to use and treatment is fast:

  • First, let your nails and cuticles soften in a warm bath.
  • If your nails are too long, cut them with scissors or nail clippers first. Do not cut them too short; you should be able to see the white 1- or 2-mm long tip all the way across.
  • Then, place the glass file on the edge of the nail. Gently file the nail with light pressure from the outside to the center of the nail tip. Always file in one direction only. This way you avoid nail chipping and splitting.
  • Now you can shape your cuticles by pushing them back gently with a glass manicure stick. Never cut your cuticles; cutting could open the door to infection or irritation.

Finally, don’t forget to moisturize your hands, nails and cuticles thoroughly with a quality ointment or cream.

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Can a glass nail file be sterilised?

Yes, glass files can be disinfected, scalded and sterilised by all means:

  • Heat
  • Liquids (like alcohol or antiseptic sprays)
  • UV light

Even in aggressive conditions, the properties of glass nail will not be affected; the files do not suffer from corrosion or any other negative changes in their properties.

But be careful with decorations!

Decorated glass nail files should not be exposed to solvents and temperatures over 200 °C, as this may cause the decorations to deteriorate. The qualities of the file itself will not be affected.


How to clean a glass nail file

After you finish your manicure or pedicure:

  • Rinse the glass file with running water.
  • If you still see nail residues in the abrasive surface, remove them with a brush and soap.
  • If needed, sterilize the file (e.g. antiseptic spray).
  • When the file is dry, place it back in the case.

The glass file can also be washed in a dishwasher.