Nail files for children and babies

A lot of children, especially babies, don’t like to have their nails cut. Parents could tell stories about how difficult and tricky it can be.

On the other hand, you definitely want to keep the nails of your little dear well-groomed to prevent problems like indented nails or scratches on their face.

When you cut a child’s nails with scissors or nail clippers, there is always the risk of injury, so you might want to choose a file instead. Czech glass nail files are perfect for this job!

Glass files for children - usage

Due to the unique features of the abrasive surface, glass files are gentle to the nails, making them suitable for delicate baby and children’s nails.

The most suitable ‘baby nail file’ from Aveniro is the mini file with article code S22r. The file is 90 mm long and both ends are rounded. The size is appropriate for little nails and the rounded ends provide an increased level of safety.

All Aveniro files are chemically hardened, so they only break when the file is exposed to extreme forces.


Keep in mind that no glass is unbreakable.
Baby nail files must only be used by an adult or under adult supervision.